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The Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Affiliate Marketing Course Review

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What you are going to learn in this course?

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    How to get started in Affiliate Marketing?

  • How to create recurring passive income?

  • How to choose products and services to promote?

  • How to build your web presence and create valuable content?

  • Conclusion and Next Steps...

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    Hey Guys, Damodara here and THANK YOU for stopping by to check my Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Affiliate Marketing Course Review!

    Making money online is not quick and easy as it requires proper training and skills. Some people try their luck making money through YouTube but only few succeed. The reason is that most of these people lack required skills to do so. If you do not have any skills, then you will struggle to make money online doing affiliate marketing. Those who do not succeed are not aware of the secret tips and tricks to make money.

    Many individuals are making passive income through YouTube by creating videos and sharing them on social media. This income stream is not for everyone and it is essential to equip yourself with required knowledge on how to make it happen. Therefore, it is important to get trained properly many different ways to make money online before jumping into it.

    There are many online courses that claim to make you a millionaire in a matter of days. Many of these courses are not only unrealistic but also have no basis in reality. It is my opinion that the internet has a wealth of information but many people choose to waste their time in the wrong places.

    Affiliate Marketing is an online business model in which you promote other peoples products or services and commissions on each sale. And it doesn't require you to have any special skills or experience.

    You need to drive traffic to merchant's website or sales page as an affiliate. And you will get paid a commission for every sale generated through your efforts. You can find affiliate programs on every product or service.

    You can start as a newbie and grow your business to a full-time income like me.

    If you are looking to generate income online doing Affiliate Marketing, it is important that you get guidance from the right experts. The Profit Singularity Ultra course by Mark Ling, Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones is one such course that can help you learn the necessary skills and become an expert in affiliate marketing. This course addresses every aspect of affiliate marketing and will help you acquire necessary skills.

    Profit Singularity Ultra program teaches you how to make money from YouTube Video Ads. This program consists of eight modules that cover affiliate marketing and enable you to make money from the comfort of your home. However, it is not an overnight process and requires few months of hard work and persistent efforts before you can acquire required knowledge and skills.

    $3MM Super Affiliate Reveals Secrets & Tips On How To Write Ads That Can Bring In Profits For Months

    What Is Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Program All About?

    Profit Singularity Ultra Edition is a proven, step-by-step system for making consistent, passive income doing affiliate marketing and driving traffic through YouTube ads. This untapped traffic source is fully explored in this training program and students are generating consistent profits on daily basis successfully. Course creators have developed highly successful strategy that leverages AI that creates path for you to succeed even for beginners.

    This course is designed to focus on earning affiliate commissions promoting products from one type of YouTube video ads. It also includes cutting-edge ad writing software and PROVEN templates that give Profit Singularity students a huge advantage over other affiliate marketers.

    The Profit Singularity blueprint reveals how to earn high commissions promoting digital and physical products from specific affiliate networks.

    They also share how to earn regular commissions from monthly recurring products, high percentage commissions from low-ticket digital products, and high commissions from high-ticket offers.

    In this Profit Singularity Ultra Edition Course, you will discover how to make at least $91,311 in just 3 months using brand new technology that requires zero technical skills

    THIS Profit Singularity Ultra System makes process of making money online simpler:

  • You do NOT need Facebook or Instagram.

  • You do NOT need to be a creative person.

  • You do NOT need an ounce of technical ability.

  • You do NOT need to create any products.

  • You do NOT need to create any products OR have an online store.

  • You do NOT need an email list, followers or subscribers.

  • You do NOT need to work for months & months to see results.

  • And you do NOT need to worry about customer support or fulfillment.

  • The mentors offer you some Done For You (DFY) landing page templates for Groove Pages/Funnels, and recommend using ClickMagic an AI-based click tracker.

    Properly integrating and using this A.I. Technology helps you scale your business quickly and efficiently to profit in less time.

    The 7 main reasons why Profit Singularity Ultra is powerful:

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    Reason #1: It has the best benefits of most online business models without all the bad stuff. You can be your own boss and set your own hours. You can work as much or as little as you like.

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    Reason #2: You can see results on your very first day. Their beta testers have shown that you can see immediate results within your first 24 hours.

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    Reason #3: You can get started “on the side” of whatever you’re currently doing. This is not a labor-intensive business model. It is not a big time commitment.

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    Reason #4: You can scale up fast when you find a winner. In many systems, there are limitations to how big or how fast you can scale up. That is not the case with this system.

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    Reason #5: You don’t need to be creative. With many systems, you need to be a good copywriter or designer or good with building out websites and systems. You don’t need any of that with this powerful new technology.

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    Reason #6: Saturation & competition don’t matter. With this system, there is more profitable traffic out there than you can even comprehend.

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    Reason #7: You don’t have to be technical. One of the absolute biggest reasons people fail online is because it’s just too damn technical. However, with this powerful new technology, all the technical stuff is done for you.

  • How Profit Singularity Ultra Program Works?

    There are 3 steps involved in this program:

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    Step 1: Create Presell Page for selected offer.

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    Step 2: Then create YouTube Ad to send traffic to Presell Page.

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    Step 3: The affiliate link in the Presell Page will redirect the visitor to the Offer Sales Page where the visitor buys the product and you earn affiliate commission.  

  • By following above three simple steps, you can become a successful affiliate. So, in a nutshell:

  • You will learn affiliate marketing to make money online.

  • You will also learn how to utilize YouTube's untapped traffic source (through Google Ads).

  • This online training program helps you make massive passive income while you sleep or travel in next few years.

  • This YouTube Ads Strategy is much bigger than Facebook Ads.

    Program mentors have generated millions in affiliate commissions and now they are ready to share their knowledge with you. This will help you make huge profits and shorten the time it takes to become successful.

    3 secrets that make Profit Singularity Ultra strategy different:

  • SECRET #1: A Simple, Accessible, Untapped & Mostly-Automated New Traffic Source Bigger Than Almost Any Other On The Planet!

  • SECRET #2: An “Already-Optimized” Money Generating Machine That Anyone Can Quickly & Easily Tap Into!

  • SECRET #3: An Ultra Simple Testing & Scaling Method That Anybody Can Do With No Prior Experience or Tech Skills!

  • PSU Blue Ocean Business Model

    This proven business model has made their students over $122.7 millions in the last 1 year…with 1 primary difference…90% of the work is done for their students by this brand new A.I. technology!

    PSU Income Results

    This system, in a very short time, has already changed the lives of many people who have been lucky enough to see it. Small group of ‘beta testers’ had…$90,400 and $27,392 days in a very short time! These ‘beta testers’ were complete beginners without any special skills or experience.

    If you are serious about earning money online doing affiliate marketing using YouTube Video Ads, I highly recommend purchasing Profit Singularity Ultra Program.

    This system is designed to work for any one, even if your are complete beginner with no prior experience.

    There is no limit to how much you can earn.

    If you are ready to achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM and live life of your dream, Profit Singularity Ultra is the right program for you.

    Download $91k in 3 Months FREE Special Report

    Creators of Profit Singularity Ultra Program

    This program together with its previous version was created by five popular digital marketing educators Mark Ling, Rob Jones, Gerry Cramer, Keegan Muller, and Chris Reader.

    Mark Ling

    Mark Ling-PSU Creators

    Mark Ling is a digital marketing entrepreneur and self-made millionaire who have used his creative marketing to succeed. By utilizing the power of internet, he has helped thousand of people achieve financial and lifestyle freedom.

    In 2008, Mark started his first online business and wihin 18 months, he made over a million dollars. Since then, Mark has become an expert in digital product publication and affiliate marketing, earning millions of dollars from his various online businesses.

    Rob Jones

    Rob Jones-PSU Creators

    Rob Jones is digital marketing enterpreneur who is very successful like Mark Ling and Gerry Cramer. In 2011, he began his career as an SEO Analyst managed to rank many websites at the top Google search results. He has subsequently started his own software company.

    He is the main organizer, copywriter, and co-host of this course. He contributed to this course with his expertise in sales and his business mindset.

    Gerry Cramer

    Gerry Kramer-PSU Creators

    Gerry Cramer is a highly successful digital entrepreneur. He earned millions of dollars promoting other peoples products as an affiliate. According to his latest YouYube channel video, Gerry makes five figures daily as clickbank affiliate.

    In 1999, he begane his internet business as an SEO specialist and ranked the top pages for many competitive keywords. His current focus now on paid traffic resources and he has established himself as super affiliate.

    Keegan Muller

    Keegan Mueller-PSU Creators

    Keegan Muller is the mastermind behind Profit Singularity Ultra program. He studied Gerry Cramer’s previous courses and tweaked methods for better results with YouTube advertisements. As a result, he achieved superior results with some trial and error!

    Keegan tested A.I. created videos and achieved superior results. Next, he tried the blueprint with 15 other beta tester students. They all reached the $500 per day mark within a few days.

    Chris Reader

    Chris Reader-PSU Creators

    Chris Reader is an ambitious young man interested in technology and self-learning. After trying many other online coaching programs, he found Gerry’s blueprint to be the most successful and decided to follow it.

    He implemented Gerry’s methods on Facebook ads and achieved remarkable success. Chris is grateful to Gerry for teaching him what he knows and introduced him to Keegan Muller and his strategies. He believes that Profit Singularity system is a new opportunity for people like us and encourages others to try it.

    The combined experience and knowledge from these mentors can help anyone become an expert in affiliate marketing. This course also involves the tips and secrets from these educators that can help every beginner succeed in this field.

    Their Previous Courses

    Together they released couple of succssful online marketing programs which have helped many people start their own online marketing businesses and achieve financial freedom. Some of their popular programs include:

  • Healthy Commissions

  • Profit Singularity 2021

  • Profit Singularity Ultra Edition is a brand new program being released in September 2022 by Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer. According to them, this 2022 launch of “Profit Singularity Ultra Edition” will be TOTALLY DIFFERENT to anything else that has been done before.

    How Does Profit Singularity Ultra Program works?

    The Profit Singularity Ultra Program teaches you all you need to know about how to do affiliate marketing. There are 3 steps involved in making money online using this program:

    PSU 3-Step System

    How to Achieve $1K Per Day Using "Profit Singularity Ultra Method" in 4 Easy Steps:

  • Step #1: SELECT a Money-Machine Offer. The Right Offer Does Most of The Hard Work For You.

  • Step #2: CLONE a 1-Page Mini Website. Duplicate the Same Style As Already Proven 1-Page Mini Websites.

  • Step #3: GENERATE a Video Ad. Use Cutting Edge Software to Generate a Video Ad to Drive Big Traffic.

  • Step #4: EVOLVE - The Evolution Testing Method. Systematically Test Until You Nail Your 1-Video That Takes Off!

  • You can become a successful by following above four steps.

    Download $91,311 In 3 Months Profit Roadmap

    Profit Singularity Ultra – What you can learn?

    You can learn the secrets to generating massive profits and make automated passive income by using untapped traffic source (Through YouTube ads).

    The Profit Singularity comes with 8 weeks of training. The Master Class training is covered in 8 in modules week by week, with additional video instructions and action plans (home work) for each week. 

    This program teaches you the following:

  • How to succeed by having a positive mindset.

  • How to choose profitable niche offers.

  • How to cut risks and grow your profits creating winning campaigns.

  • How to get started with less used traffic strategy (YouTube ads) that can help you make consistent profits on regular basis.

  • How to leverage on artificial intelligence (AI) to take your business to the next level.

  • How to grow conversions using million-dollar copywriting strategies.

  • How to scale your business quickly and effectively to make more money in less time.

  • Check out offer page for more!

  • Their strategies enabled their students to make thousands of dollars a regular basis. The Profit Singularity teaches you how to build a thriving affiliate marketing business from scratch.

    The system includes everything you need to get started including:

  • Video training.

  • Live coaching sessions.

  • Q&A session.

  • DFY Landing / Funnel page templates.

  • Profitable offer recommendations.

  • Video ad scripts.

  • A.I. software for voice-over creation.

  • Includes video copywriting tool.

  • Mindset strategies.

  • Productivity secrets.

  • And much much more...

  • Tools provided when you join the program.

  • List Image

    FREE Lifetime Access to Funnel Builder: You will get FREE access to their funnel builder, where you can host 3 websites with unlimited funnels for a life time. This potential funnel builder can help you quickly generate leads and sales. Coaches also share Done For You (DFY) website and high-converting funnel templates for free.  

  • List Image

    FREE Access to Video Script Generator: This FREE software allows you to create high-converting video ad copies without any previous copywriting experience. 

  • List Image

    FREE Access to A.I. Voice-Over Generator: This FREE Artificial Intelligence based human-like voice synthesis technology software allows students to generate voice-overs for their videos without the need to incur additional costs. This is an excellent tool for those who are uncomfortable speaking on camera or don't have time to record their voice.

  • List Image

    FREE VIDBOT Access For Six Months: This FREE Artificial Intelligence based software allows students to make high-quality, attention grabbing videos without any prior video editing experience. This is very powerful alternative software to Vidnami, Invideo, or Canva.

  • This program is designed to help you go from $0 to $10K per day. Rob Jones, Gerry Kramer, Keegan Muller, and Chris Reader are main coaches in the program.

    Who this program is for?

    There are 2 types of people who have the best chance to benefit the most from the Profit Singularity system:

  • Type #1 – The Investor: You have some money to spend (cash or credit) on a proven business model where you know your money will go to work making more money for you.

  • Type #2 – The Hustler: You may not have a ton of cash to start with, but you have enough hustle and heart to work your way through and make it work anyway.

  • This program is suitable for following:

  • It is suitable for people who are willing to invest in their education and learn how to make money online.

  • This is a great program for people who are wiling to learn how to promote affiliate offers through paid advertising methods.

  • If you are interested in the health niche, this program is definitely for you.

  • This program helps you learn how to leverage on AI-Powered Funnels and YouTube video ads (low cost skippable videos) to drive targeted traffic to your funnels.

  • This course is perfect for people who want to work from home doing online business.

  • Finally, if you want to learn how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers, this is the right course for you.

  • Profit Singularity Ultra Program Price & Other Investment Costs

    There are three pricing options for buying this program:

  • Option 1 – $2,497 one time payment plan (You could save $494).

  • Option 2 – Flexible payment of $997 X 3 months.

  • Option 3 – Paypal 6 Months Credit (Only for US Citizens).

  • This is a high-ticket program, and other similar programs also selling for similar price. Yet, if you are interested in this type of program, I would say it’s is worth the investment.

    Other Investments Required:

  • Need to buy a domain name (Costs less than $8 per year).

  • Funnel building app (Groove offers it for free with Mentor partnership).

  • Click Tracking Tool (Google Analytics can be used for free OR you may use AI-Powered tool called ClickMagic for $37.

  • Video creation tool (Offer VidBot FREE for six months).

  • Advertising budget ($100+).

  • So, for less than $150, you can get started with this business model. But if you need to scale extensively, you must invest more in ad spending.

    Profit Singularity Ultra - 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

    Profit Singularity Ultra will return your money back within 30-days if you are not satisfied with the program.

    The team, which has put this training material, has so much confidence in the content. All the tools and tips included in this program enable you to follow the path that experienced affiliate marketers, who have put the content together, followed in order to reach high level of success.

    I guarantee that you will love easy to grasp content and learn how you can boost online sales. The entire course takes six weeks to complete, but I can assure that by the 30th day of learning, you will be satisfied with Profit Singularity Ultra program.

    Profit Singularity Ultra - Case Studies

    How a Small Group of Ordinary People Made Up To $2.1 Million Each

    In The Last 12 Months Using a Brand-New Technology








    Download Shocking Case Studies (Plus Insider Secrets) Report

    My Exclusive Profit Singularity Ultra Bonuses

    The Profit Singularity Ultra Program trainers are already providing valuable bonuses when you buy the program. I am sure they will benefit your successful online marketing business journey. 

    In addition, I am also providing following additional bonuses worth when you buy Profit Singularity Ultra Program through my affiliate link below.

    List of My Exclusive Bonuses:

  • List Image

    SPECIAL BONUS: GoPro HERO 6 Camera [Value $200]

  • List Image

    BONUS #1: 3 Done-For-You Bridge & Lead Generation Funnel Templates For Groove Pages [Value $497]

  • List Image

    BONUS #2: 500 GroovePages Backgrounds [Value $2500]

  • List Image

    BONUS #3: Copy-Writing Course [Value $297]

  • List Image

    BONUS #4: Personal Development Library - Ebooks [Value $250]

  • List Image

    BONUS #5: Social Media Ad Checklists and Proven Ad Copies [Value $297]

  • List Image

    BONUS #6: Facebook Interests Swipe File [Value $27]

  • List Image

    BONUS #7: High Paying Client Acquisition Cheatsheet [Value $27]

  • List Image

    BONUS #8: 150+ Free Online Marketing Tools [Value $27]

  • List Image

    BONUS #9: Personal Branding Secrets in 2021 [Value $27]

  • List Image

    BONUS #10: 400+ Power Words to Transform Your Marketing Strategy Today [Value $27]

  • List Image

    BONUS #11: Proven Influencer Scripts [Value $27]

  • List Image

    BONUS #12: Tik-Tok and Clubhouse Video Training Courses [Value $97]

  • List Image

    BONUS #13: 100+ Viral Videos [Value $147]

  • List Image

    BONUS #14: 350+ Premium Soundtracks [Value $147]

  • List Image

    BONUS #15: YouTube Ranking Ninja Play [Value $147]

  • List Image

    BONUS #16: Customizable Video Templates [Value $147]

  • List Image

    BONUS #17: Call-To-Action Super Pack [Value $147]

  • List Image

    BONUS #18: Premium Audio Suite [Value $147]

  • List Image

    BONUS #19: HD Motion Background Videos [Value $147]

  • List Image

    BONUS #20: Expert Graphics Videos Pro [Value $97]

  • List Image

    BONUS #21: Video Explainer Assets Deluxe [Value $147]

  • List Image

    BONUS #22: Backgrounds 1080 HD Stock Videos [Value $147]

  • List Image

    BONUS #23: Video Marketing Graphics Pack [Value $147]

  • List Image

    BONUS #24: Jammed-Packed Marketing Graphics KIT [Value $147]

  • List Image

    BONUS #25: Sales-Page Writer Software [Value $97]

  • List Image

    BONUS #26: Neon Video Maker App [$197 Value]

  • List Image

    BONUS #27: VidCompass App Commercial [$197 Value]

  • List Image

    BONUS #28: VidRank Engine Commercial [$197 Value]

  • List Image

    BONUS #29: Campaign Cloner App Commercial [$197 Value]

  • Total Value of Profit Singularity Ultra Bonuses ===>>> $6422

    Important Before You Buy

    You need to be CERTAIN that we get credited for your purchase so that you can claim your BONUSES, after you click the "Add To Cart Button" on the "Order Page", on next page you should see our "Referrer ID [ProfitPower]" as shown in the right side image (Circled):

    If you don't see our "Referrer ID" on the payment page, we suggest you empty your browser cache, close all your web browser windows, then come back to the "Order Page" again, then click on "Add To Cart Button" on the "Order Page".

    Order Payment Page

    Important After You Buy

    Important! After your purchase you'll receive a purchase receipt email from the seller. You must take screenshot of that purchase receipt and email to "[email protected]" with the subject line "PROFIT SINGULARITY ULTRA BONUSES".

    Once we have verified that we are credited as the Referrer with your purchase, we will give you access to all the bonuses. Easy peasy.

    Click Here to Join Profit Singularity Ultra Program Today!

    Profit Singularity Ultra - Concluding Thoughts

    Profit Singularity is a comprehensive program that helps you make money mainly through YouTube ads. This step-by-step program consists of six modules designed for beginners who have no prior knowledge of online marketing.

    The Profit Singularity Ultra Edition course content not only helps you to set up your online business, but also contains tips and strategies that can help you scale the business to reach bigger audience within short time.

    Numerous alumni of the program are making 6-figure and 7-figure annual profit from affiliate marketing alone.

    The number of students that graduate and go on to become successful affiliates speaks on the quality of the course. Additionally, it is these same students that come back to help you get into the mentality you need in order to succeed in this sphere.

    I was a student of their previous version of the program, which then was called Healthy Commissions. Based on the knowledge and experience I gained from that program, and also conscious of the fact that this year’s Profit Singularity Ultra is completely new method, I have no doubt that Profit Singularity is exactly what you are looking for.

    To be honest with you, this is without doubt best affiliate marketing course you will find any where.

    I believe any one who is starting out affiliate marketing can benefit greatly from taking Profit Singularity Ultra training course.

    Enroll for it and I assure you will be pleasently surprised at the results.

    Begin your journey to complete financial freedom by signing up for the Profit Singularity Ultra program. Take advantage of this opportunity and become among the first few online marketers that use combined expert tips of five highly successful affiliate marketers.

    Don’t forget to share this information with your friends who also want to tap into the potential of online marketing.

    Thanks for checking out my Profit Singularity Ultra Review, and PLEASE write to me at email address "[email protected]" if you have any questions.

    To Your Success!


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